An ancient collection of web links on Economics

Shuffled concepts, in alphabetic order.

ABCUL – Association of British Credit Unions

Ackerman, Rick (Rick’s Picks)

Albert, Michael (Parecon)

Antonioni, Peter (Guerilla Economics)

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas

Atwood, Margaret (Payback)

Bank of International Settlements


Basel II Accord

Bates, Larry (New Economic Disorder)

BBC News – Finance crisis: in graphics

BBC – The layman’s finance crisis glossary

Bello, Walden

Bird, John and Fortune, John (Subprime Crisis)

Blackburn, Robin

New Left Review

Bretton Woods Project

Brown, Lester (Earth Policy Institute)

Buffet, Warren

Calculated Risk

Capital Adequacy Ratios

Capital Economics

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Chang, Ha-Joon

Chomsky, Noam

Chossudovsky, Michel

Citizens Advice (UK)

Colbert Report

Collateralised Debt Obligations

Commercial Paper

Cook, Chris (Open Capital)

Co-operative Bank

Credit Default Swaps


Cuff, Barbary

Daily Reckoning:

Daly, Herman
on Video

Davies, Geoff (Economia)

Debt Advice Trust (UK)

Debt on Our Doorstep (UK)

Delicious tags:

Denis, Andy (City University London)


Dostoyevsky, Fyodor – Фёдор Миха́йлович Достое́вский – (“The Gambler”)

Douthwaite, Richard (Short Circuit)

Dow, Christopher

Ecology Building Society

The Economist

Economist’s View

Edwards, M.D

Elliott, Larry and Atkinson, Dan – “The Gods That Failed”

Emmott, Bill

Epstein, Gene

Farber, Marc

Financial Sense

Financial Standard (Australia)

Financial Times on Subprimes

Financial Times Alphaville

Fisher, Irving (Debt-Deflation theory)

Fleet Street Invest

Foreign Currency Direct

Forex rate

The Foundation for P2P Alternatives

Fractional Reserve Banking

Freecycle International

Galbraith, James K

Galbraith, John Kenneth

Glass Steagall Act (1933, repealed 1999)

Global House Price Crash

Global Insight

Global Research

Godin, Seth – Ponzi schemes (and pyramid schemes)

Gold Price

Grameen Bank

The ‘Great Moderation’

Green Economics Institute

Green New Deal

Green Room Stocks (Subprime Crisis Explained)

Greenwald, Robert

Grigon, Paul (Money As Debt)

Harrison, Fred (director of the Land Research Trust):
on the Guardian UK,
on Moneyweek,
on Global House Price Crash

Hedge funds

Heinberg, Richard (The Endangered US Dollar)

Hertz, Noreena
also on Wikipedia

Heterodox Economics Directory

House Price Crash (UK)

How Did This Happen?

Hudson, Michael
(Institute for the Study of Long Term Economic Trends)

Hutton, Will (Work Foundation/Observer)

In Defence of Marxism

Innovation Watch

Institute of Fiscal Studies

Institute for Policy Studies

International Development Economics Associates

Intrade Prediction Markets


Investor’s Chronicle

Islamic economics/finance/banking:
Islamic Economics on Google, Islamic Finance EU.

Kabbalah interpretation:
YNetNews, Kabbalah Today on money crash.

Karmabanque (Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert):
Karma Banque Radio, Max Keiser

Kay, John – “The Truth About Markets” (2003)

Keegan, William (The Observer)

Keen, Steve – Oz Debtwatch

Keynes, John Maynard

Kindelberger, Charles

Kingsnorth, Paul


Klein, Naomi

Kondratiev, Nikolai

Krugman, Paul: New York Times, at MIT

Laitman, Michael (The Remedy for the Global Crisis)

Lambert, Jean – Green Work publication

Leeson, Nick (the orchestrator of the demise of Barings Bank in 1995)

Lender of Last Resort

LETSLink UK (alternative currency)

Lewis, Martin – Money Saving Expert

Mackay, Charles (Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds)

Market Oracle

Market Watch

Martenson, Chris

Meacher, Michael (MP): Economics, Finance

MDP – Measure of Domestic Progress (alternative to GDP)

Michell, John (Umungu – Civil Society’s Response to the Financial Crisis)

Midas Oracle

Million Campaign Homepage network:,,,, MCH worldwide Facebook group, MCH UK Facebook group.

Minsky, Hyman

Mish’s Global Economic Trends Analysis

Moneybox Live (BBC Radio 4)

Money Masters

Money Terms

Money Week

Monthly Review

Moore, Michael

Moral Hazard

Motley Fool

Moulton, John (Alchemy Partners)

Mutual Funds

National Debtline (UK)

National Institute of Economic and Social Research (UK)

New Deal

New Economics Foundation

Oil Drum

Oligopoly Watch

Orr, David W

Oxford Economics

P-CED (People Centred Economic Development)

Patel, Raj

Paul, Ron (Congressman) –

“Mobs, Messiahs and Markets”

Perkins, John


Peston, Robert (BBC)

Pettifor, Ann (Debtonation)

Phillips, Kevin P. (Numbers racket)

Political Economy Research Institute

Popper, Karl

Post-Autistic Economics

Priced Out (UK)

Prokofiev, Sergei – Серге́й Серге́евич Проко́фьев – (“The Gambler” – Игрок)

Rees-Mogg, W and Davidson, J – “The Great Reckoning: Protect Yourself in
the Coming Depression” (1993)

Reinhart, C and Rogoff, K:

RGE Monitor

Robertson, James

Robinson, Joan

Rogers, Jim: Quantum Fund, CASH is King.

Roubini, Nouriel: RGEMonitor, Pessimist on NYT.

Schechter, Danny (News Dissector)

Schiff, Peter (Euro Pacific Capital)

Schiller, Robert J

Schumacher, E.F

Schumpeter, Joseph


Shiva, Vandana

Short Selling

Silver Prices

Simultaneous Policy

Smith, Vera

Soros, George

The Sovereign Speculator

Sovereign Wealth Funds: on FT, and on IMF.

Special Investment Vehicles

Stiglitz, Joseph

Sutherland, Ruth (Observer)

Taleb, Nicholas Nassim

Tax havens

Tett, Gillian (Financial Times)

Tobin, James (Tobin Tax Initiative)

Tom Paine

Transition Culture (Transition Town movement)

Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds)

Triodos Bank

Turk, James (GoldMoney)

US debt clock runs out of digits (BBC News)


Volcker, Paul

Warburton, Peter (Debt and Delusion)

Washington Consensus

Webb, Merryn Somerset (Money Week)

Which? magazine

Williams, John (Shadow Stats – Shadow Government Statistics)

Wolf, Martin (Financial Times)

XE (currency converter)

X-Rates (International Exchange rates)

Yen carry trade

Yeomans, Thomas (The Credit Crisis Lie)

Zeitgeist (Addendum):

Zero Growth

Zinn, Howard

Workgroups and Communities

Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO)

Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

Community Economies

Co-operative Socialism: Theory and Practice

Roger A. McCain’s web site on the ‘Cooperative Commonwealth’

The ‘One Human Family’ Perspective & Program

Dollars and Sense: Special Section on the Solidarity Economy

Global Co-operative Campaign Against Poverty

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