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During the past two years, the DYNDY crew has been busy researching, designing and coding Freecoin at think&do tank for the EU/FP7 project Decentralized Citizens Engagement Technologies, the D-CENT project.

Within D-CENT, Freecoin is the decentralized way to experiment on bottom up trust management systems  through the implementation of distributed ledger technologies.

Freecoin is a software toolkit to build and deploy custom distributed authenticated ledger technologies initially inspired by cryptographic blockchains like Bitcoin.

Having foreseen the success and importance of the Bitcoin project and its underlying distributed ledger technology, the Freecoin initiative doesn’t aim to be a currency in itself, but to be a base for field experimentation and lean currency design practices based on such technologies. Freecoin is not a currency, but a suite to create P2P currencies, in order to scale bottom up cooperation for the social good Freecoin is thought of as a toolchain: a backend suite of interoperable tools to run free and open source, ad-hoc blockchain systems. The ultimate ambition of the Freecoin Toolchain is, even beyond the span of the D-CENT project, to reach GNU software quality standards to create and operate blockchain systems.

Below, we link you up to relevant documentation from the D-CENT project, wherein one can find all the steps made to arrive to a minimum viable product, teh Freecoin codebase, to prototype with pilot communities in Iceland, Finland and Spain during the first half of 2016.

They are the deliverables, or project reports, on Freecoin submitted to the European Commission by the D-CENT Consortium.


D3.5 Framework for implementing alternative credit schemes and digital social currencies

This deliverable documents the state of the art of legal frameworks of implementation both in general, but also particularly for D-CENT Digital Social Currency experiments with pilot communities in Spain, Iceland, Finland and the use case in Italy.


D5.5 Implementation of digital social currency infrastructure

This deliverable is led by and focuses on the implementation of a software toolkit useful to run community owned infrastructures for the digital social currency design schemes envisioned in D4.4 (Design of digital social currency).


D4.4 Design of Social Digital Currency

The Freecoin Toolchain is a toolkit to build blockchains for the social good. It aims to improve decentralised trust and identity management for the D-CENT pilot communities. D-CENT is bringing together complementary currency design and the latest development of digital currencies, made famous by Bitcoin. It will run digital social currency pilots in communities that are already actively designing tools for collective decision-making in local economies.


D3.4 Field Research and User Requirements Digital social currency pilots

This report provides a background for building a framework for implementing and federating digital complementary currency experiences, and for improving their social benefits. Enabling communities to manage exchange using alternative digital social currencies as new tools for growing a civic sharing economy, including a strong role for interoperable digital social currencies remains the principal goal.


Disclaimer: This reports are currently awaiting approval from the EC and as such cannot be not considered as final version.

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