The Social Wallet: free software to tackle the corona-crisis

As this website and other connected projects document, we have been developing public interest technology that in these critical times can be deployed to promote new practices for the social and common good. The current corona-crisis pushes us to reflect on our relationship with money, privacy, surveillance and freedom of economic interaction much more urgently than ever before. The consequences of the pandemic started at the end of 2019 in China. Yet, the health emergency and... Read More

Launch at ECommons2 in De Balie Amsterdam

On Saturday 13 November our project was presented to the well experienced public of the “Economies of the Commons 2” conference in Amsterdam, followed by an online audience that grew to the point of momentarily clogging the stream. Obviously the attention on this project is high, maybe for its pragmatic approach to sustainability problems, its distinct character, its ambitious vision. “We can’t provide the final solution, rather than a hub and an observatory... Read More

Cultural Credit Circuit – Cultos

C3 concept for the cultural sector In the cultural industry, a Cultural Institution behaves like a business company in the commercial sector: both belong tothe respectve industrial sectors. The difference between the two is that the former may not be designed to pursue profit whilst the latter is explicitly designed to compete for profit. In the cultural sector, a Cultural Institution (museums, libraries, etc.) deals with other cultural institutions in order to organize events... Read More

C3 – Uruguay

The primary driving mechanism for the functioning of the conventional monetary system is fiat-money central banking. The booms and busts impelled by such systemic configuration drive economies toward full employment in booming periods, but then, during busts, they create significant unemployment. During contractive stages of the business cycle such as that one initiated with the credit crisis of 2008, the Commercial Credit Circuit – C3 – creates more liquidity in the... Read More

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