DYNDY Reader AC-Adaptor 0.8

The crisis goes on, and so does DYNDY in its effort at proposing new effective landscapes for structurally counteracting the institutionalization of austerity. The goal is to set viable standards for beginning to live the future of money, in the present. During the past year, DYNDY has been critically active within Hacklabs, Social Centers and occupied theaters, alongside with international policy institutions like the United Nations, academic circles, the Complementary Currency... Read More

Designing the Credit Commons: Autonomist Cooperative Direct Credit Clearing

The under perfoming state in which the global monetary system finds itself today invites to seek for  more viable alternatives to perpetual repayment of coumpounded interest-bearing debt.  The Credit Commons in the form of re-appropriation of the means of  production / creation of money are the natural evolution to a post-capitalist economic system, and society. The goal is to democratize money by reverse-engeneering the existent clearing system and eliminating the need for... Read More

C3 – Uruguay

The primary driving mechanism for the functioning of the conventional monetary system is fiat-money central banking. The booms and busts impelled by such systemic configuration drive economies toward full employment in booming periods, but then, during busts, they create significant unemployment. During contractive stages of the business cycle such as that one initiated with the credit crisis of 2008, the Commercial Credit Circuit – C3 – creates more liquidity in the... Read More

WIR – Switzerland

The best documented modern example to show the effectiveness of implementing a dual-currency system by means of the adoption of a complementary currency to use in mixed payments in parallel with the national one comes form Switzerland. Back in 1934, a group of Swiss entrepreneurs agreed to use a means of payment issued by a Basel-based Economic Circle in parallel to the Swiss Franc in order to lubricate the wheels of local commerce and, eventually, re-emerge from the ashes of... Read More

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