DYNDY Reader AC-Adaptor 0.8

The crisis goes on, and so does DYNDY in its effort at proposing new effective landscapes for structurally counteracting the institutionalization of austerity. The goal is to set viable standards for beginning to live the future of money, in the present. During the past year, DYNDY has been critically active within Hacklabs, Social Centers and occupied theaters, alongside with international policy institutions like the United Nations, academic circles, the Complementary Currency... Read More

Post-Modern Monetary Economics

A rhizome does not begin or end, it is always in the middle, among the things, inter-esse, intermezzo. The tree is an affiliation, a rhizome is an alliance, just alliance. The tree imposes the verb <<being>>, but the rhizome has as a texture the conjunction <<and… and… and…>>.   Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari – Mille Plateaux Mille Plateaux – Capitalism and Schizophrenie is a masterpiece of Post-Modern thought. It... Read More

The Relation between Money and Language

It is necessary for every monetary reformer to be aware of this parallelism: language is peculiar of a community which shares, or better, agrees upon the same linguistic habits as well as, according to Lietaer (2001), money as an agreement is, “valid only within a given community. Some currencies are operational only among a small group of friends (e. g. tokens used in card games), for certain time periods (e. g.    the cigarette medium of exchange among frontline soldiers... Read More

Launch at ECommons2 in De Balie Amsterdam

On Saturday 13 November our project was presented to the well experienced public of the “Economies of the Commons 2” conference in Amsterdam, followed by an online audience that grew to the point of momentarily clogging the stream. Obviously the attention on this project is high, maybe for its pragmatic approach to sustainability problems, its distinct character, its ambitious vision. “We can’t provide the final solution, rather than a hub and an observatory... Read More

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