Bernard Lietaer

Western civilization has been characterized by three foremost taboos: sex, death and money.

For centuries, they were topics that were considered inappropriate to bring up in “polite company”. The
sexual revolution of the 1960s brought the first one into the
open. The AIDS epidemic of the 1980s has made us face death, combined with sex, and talk about it even with our youngsters.

This time proposes to tackle the last taboo: money.

Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

Debtors, in the aggregate, are in an impossible situation of always owing more money than there is in existence. They must vie with one another for the available money in order to avoid defaulting on their loans and losing their collateral.

this has come about through the monopolization of money creation and the political manipulation of its distribution

which makes it available to the favored few and scarce for everyone else.

Besides learning how to ‘make do, or do without’, people began to establish

mutual support structures, like workers’ cooperatives, many of which would recycle and repair donated or broken items.

People learned to share what they had, and to by-pass the market and financial systems.

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