Imagine the Future of Money


We can’t imagine to enter the Information Age without changing the fundamental and most used communication tool: Money

Bernard Lietaer


Poseidone del Nilo

τῆς μάτα μέρος οἰκονομίας
[…] ἤν τοῖς ἰδιωτικοῖς βιοῖς

disposition in relation to the parts of great aid in the private life

– Diodoro Siculo



P2P currency software suite

Joseph Alois Schumpeter


P2P currency is extremely hot Innovation, in the very sense that Schumpeter would give to the “I” word.

Freecoin is a fork of Bitcoin to progress on development of P2P currency software as an educational experiment and a reference implementation.

Freecoin is not a currency, but a suite to create P2P currencies.

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